I’ve been contemplating the word “put.” Etymonline.com says the word comes from the 1300s, when it meant, “to hurl, cast, propel” especially “to throw with an upward and forward motion of the arm. Hence the term “shot put” in track and field. However, other resources say its origin can’t be traced. Wiktionary thinks it probably had a North Germanic origin. Googling “put” yields more than 2.9 million results. It can be used as a verb, noun or adjective according to the Britannica Dictionary. Thesaurus.com gives 125 synonyms and antonyms for the word.

Through the years of language transition, this little word has taken on many meanings of its own. I wonder if there’s any other word in the English language with so many uses, creating such a variety of thoughts in so many different circumstances? Of course, there is the standard use of put, as placing something somewhere, but our language is full of idioms and colloquialisms.